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TrustedTablets Pharmacy is so easy on navigate on their site! If you need to speak with someone, you can call & speak directly with someone instead of dealing with an automated system. Everyone I've ever spoken with has been pleasant, helpful & professional!

Ryan Roberts, Detroit

I love that I can get my Rx cheaper than some places but wished the shipping didn’t cost as much as it does for just a small bottle of medicine. Also I don’t understand why I can’t get my Liothyorine at a cheaper rate like my Synthroid. Would like to buy them both through you all but it’s a lot more expensive here than pharmacies down the street from my home.

Lee Boyer, San Francisco

I wish all pharmacies could be this easy & seamless. I get a prescription here that is much more affordable than the same prescription purchased in the US. This was suggested by my doctor & has been the best “secret” I have ever come upon. They are pleasant always, knowledgeable, friendly & efficient. They keep me informed about the status of my order & I trust them implicitly. If businesses could really earn gold stars, this one earns the very highest possible rating. Thank you for being there for me!

Danny Hamilton, Jacksonville

The cost of prescription drugs in America is unconscionably high and TrustedTablets Pharmacy helps tremendously giving us access to foreign drugs at a much lower cost.

Avery Jackson, Indianapolis

My telephone interaction went very well. The agent is a good listener, equipped and able to help instantly and my order went through. This was GREAT !

Haiden Lawson, Austin

All my dealings with TrustedTablets pharmacy have been excellent. They are helpful if I have questions and send reminders when it is time to refill my prescription. I receive my medication quickly and have no issues or concerns. I am very happy working with Trustedtablets pharmacy and also the cost of my medication is affordable. I recommend them highly!

Clem Robertson, Columbus

Ordered, fulfilled in a timely manor. Which has been my experience with multiple orders.

Rudy Nicholson, Fort Worth

Trustedtablets is easy to use, very reliable and trustworthy.My prescriptions are filled quickly and securely at a most reasonable price.

Shay Griffith, Charlotte

Delighted with the service--my medication arrived on time and was significantly less expensive than what it would have cost in the U.S. Although the medication I received was not exactly the same dosage as that which I received prior in the U.S., the product itself was exactly the same and the slightly higher dosage in the product shipped by Trusted Tablets was indicated on the order form. Overall, I'm very pleased and would order from Pharmacy again.

Bret Roberts, Memphis

Well organized, easy and reliable way to save money on medications. I was nervous to use it but this site was recommended by my nurse practitioner as many hormone meds for women are not covered by insurance. Sometimes it takes a while to receive the orders but they keep you notified during the process to update you on the delivery status.

Skyler Cannon, Baltimore


Mel Campbell, El Paso

My insurance would not cover Celebrex despite more than adequate reasons including allergy to the generic. It hit me a year later that I could order from Canada! Trusted Tablets Pharmacy was the first place I went and loved them, very quick response and customer service is very personal and caring. This should be your first stop for out of country medications.

Frankie Pate, Boston

I was no longer able to find Myoflex in the local stores/pharmacies so I started ordering from Trusted Tablets. Their deliver time is good. Scanning and/or faxing payment is a little more time consuming but it works.

Colette Ward, Milwaukee

I have been dealing with Trusted tablets for many years and find prices to be reasonable, shipment comes on time, never had a problem with them. Will use them for many more years for my meds.

Ember Richmond, Denver

Very happy with price. Delivery took a bit longer than I anticipated, but it was my first order, so it involved waiting for prescriptions, etc. I expect future reorders will be quicker.

Paislee Mcfadden, Seattle

It not just the prices. It’s about the quality of the service! All aspects work the way things should.

Saanvi Burns, Nashville

My order was filled quickly and delivered within a short period of time.

Jaelyn Noel, Washington

I have had no issues with receiving my prescriptions from Trusted Tablets. It has been easy and the scrips arrive very quickly. I even got a phone call from them making sure I received my order.

Jennifer Stone, Las Vegas

Very pleased with the company. The operators are very helpful and friendly. Receive our prescriptions in a very timely manner. Thank you for your quick turnaround time.

Georgia Stevens, Portland

You don’t always have brand, but generic works , everyone is pleasant to order with always comes before there scheduled time of arrival. Easy to get a hold of someone. Been using pharmacy for about 10 years 😊

Abbie Chapman, Louisville

These people are legit! Quality medications (often things that aren't in stock in U.S. at a fraction of the price. Plus, they are knowledgeable, proficient at whay they do, and sincerely interested in my satisfaction. Have used three times so far, each time is perfect. Meds arrived to Fla, U.S. within 2 wks.

Morgan Walker, Oklahoma City

Outstanding customer service. I have been using Northwest for years and every time I call I get a representative who is knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.

Maria Austin, Tucson

The website is pretty easy to navigate. Most orders arrive in a timely fashion but once earlier this year it took 5 weeks causing me to purchase the medication locally for ~$160. 00 vs. The $54.00 you charge.

Rowan Puckett, Atlanta

Always well managed and shipped in a timely way.

Cameron Kirby, Albuquerque

TrustedTablets has figured it out! This is the way Mail Order Prescriptions should be done. They are fast, reliable, accurate, and save you from the exorbitant prescription prices here in the US. Their customer service is tops! We got a call from them after our first prescription to check how we were doing. You get status emails after you place an order. 

Elliot Pena, Fresno

Service through Trusted Tablets was perfect in every way, right up front in meeting my needs. To date, I have not refilled my prescription simply because my new insurance company has stepped up to provide this medication for me. This was a surprise I had not anticipated. Be assured that I will again return to Pharmacy in the future when I need this type of excellent help. Thank you for your attention and exemplary pharmaceutical help. My very best wishes.

Jordan Hendricks, Sacramento

We have never had any problems getting prescriptions at the best price for name brands.

Willy Roman, Long Beach

Easy to order, received when expected. I look forward to doing business with this company fro a long time!

Jaime Hill, Mesa

Excellent customer service. Timely delivery of medication. I have never had a problem!

Chris Grant, Kansas City

Excellent service and incredibly fast delivery times. I received a tracking number to kno exactly where my medication was at all times

Rudy Gallagher, Omaha

Best pharmacy we have ever used.Friendly staff and great talking to a person not a robot.

Harper Booth, Cleveland

They were very helpful with any questions I had. Package arrived when I expected it. I would highly recommend this pharmacy.

Cory Porter, Virginia Beach

Have heard about buying drugs from Canada for years. After spending several thousand on a very effective drug in US my problem disappeared. 3 years later the issue returned. Unwilling to spend ridiculous amounts again, I was thrilled my doctor cooperated, writing a prescription and i was able to order from TrustedTablets!

Charlie Butler, Miami

I get one medication through TrustedTablets; it saves me $1500 a year! Thank you so much I wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise!

Bradley West, Oakland

Easy and effective getting a medication that I could not find elsewhere. Outstanding in all areas of service.

Ethan Young, Raleigh

Highly recommend Pharmacy. Easy to order and reorder. Shipping is faster than I expect it to be since my medication comes overseas. Prices are a fraction of what I would be in the US.

Enrique Roth, Tulsa

I have been very satisfied and happy with this service. Not to mention that I have saved quite a lot of money.

Waylon Hogan, Minneapolis

Thank you for taking care of my prescription needs. Customer Service is always very accommodating.

Landyn House, Colorado Springs

Great prices, great phone service. Only negative is the usual length of time to get drugs and occasionally running into a limit per year that can be received. For example, I get one daily medicine in 300 pill amounts. If the next scrip I send in for the next 300 pill amount falls in the same year, you will not fill it and either I must get new shorter term script or buy locally in smaller quantities to get me into the next year.

Simon Reeves, Honolulu

Trustedtablets - 5 Stars for Excellence. The website is informative, it was easy to set up my account, & very user friendly. I have placed 2 previous orders & this site offered the best pricing & shipping rate. I received emails with status updates, & both orders arrived quicker than I expected. I have placed a 3rd order, which was placed on backorder due to supplier issue.

Nora Harris, Arlington

I received my order in a timely manner and everything was done in a professional manner.

Noemi Rogers, Wichita

I have always had great success with Pharmacy it is the only kind of Ephra thyroid medicine I can take because the American thyroid has a whitening agent in it thank you God for this company your prices your expertise and your knowledge of facilitating pharmaceuticals that are safe for our bodies all of your staff is kind and caring and always answers my questions thank you

Tia Owen, St. Louis (Saint Louis)

I have ordered twice through Pharmacy now and both times the process has been seamless. Customer Service was very helpful and receptive and my meds arrived on time and in good condition, and correct. Wonderful company to work with! I have saved so much money going through them this way.

Katie Kennedy, Tampa

The best . I sent in my prescription and got the delivery two weeks later. For refills it is even quicker. Customer service staff is great and very knowledgable . They sent a very nice notice about a price increase on one of my medications . Never had another pharmacy do that . Highly recommend and their prices are less that half of this in the USA

Niamh Black, Santa Ana

I was able to purchase a needed asthma inhaler for hundreds less. Very happy with them.

Raylee Franks, Anaheim

I have purchased medication that I need from Trustedtablets which has resulted in hundred of dollars in savings on brand name medication. I have been very happy with their professionalism and their service.

Rene Orr, Cincinnati

Trustedtablets has been a reliable alternative source for my rx. I have used them for more than a year and have been extremely satisfied. Any questions were handled immediately and answered fully.

Ali Bass, Bakersfield

Trusted tablets is a great option for more affordable medication. They are thorough, friendly, accurate. Their service is important to me.

Shay Khan, Aurora

I am always nervous when I buy through an online pharmacy for the first time. Turned out good. The only recommendation I would make is to have an online tracking of packages.

Lesley Young, New Orleans

Good experience. I wish they took credit cards but at 35% of US price, it’s worth the minor inconvenience. Shipping time seems to improve after the first couple refills, which makes sense after you’re set up in their system. But worth mentioning…

Phoenix Moore, Pittsburgh

I have found working with Trusted pharmacy over many years, that the service has been consistently good, if there is a problem a call to the pharmacy is easy and they are always helpful in resolving the problem…I recommend this pharmacy,

Steff Gardner, Riverside

Great customer service. Courteous and helpful. Easy to use on line or on the phone. Way more affordable.

Jazmin Fox, Toledo

Pleasant customer service and medications arrive prior than expected date

Teresa Hardin, Stockton

Wonderful pharmacy! Always receive my medication in a timely manner and so reasonably well priced. The price of medication in the states is ridiculous. This company offers a wonderful affordable alternative to needed medication.

Samantha Jackson, Corpus Christi

They were very helpful and knowledgeable

Rose Lowe, Lexington

They informed me of everything in the process of receiving my medication. My medicine came in perfect condition and on time.

Alisha James, St. Paul (Saint Paul)

Great service and prices. Exceptional. Thank you.

Aimee Lawrence, Anchorage

I am very pleased with TrustedTablets Their service is quick, easy, reliable and professional.

Eve Cole, Newark

Easy communication, great customer service and responsiveness, fast.

Vic Malone, Buffalo

I enjoy working with this pharmacy. Delivery is always on time and the product is the same as I use in the US, just much less expensive.

Brook Cooper, Plano

I order a non/standard transaction…… deliver only from Canada on an expedited basis…… this is easily accomplished with the proficient sales/ customer service groups attending to my needs….

Jamie Rowland, Henderson

I was very happy with my interactions. I was treated with respect and received great customer service

Gene Stewart, Lincoln

Simple, straightforward process which resulted in my getting the medicine I needed at a reasonable price. Thank you.

Rudy Clarke, Fort Wayne

It is easy to order renewals of prescriptions and they arrive in a timely fashion.

Eli Davis, Glendale

People I have talked to are very helpful & polite. They are concerned with getting medication delivered quickly. I appreciate the customer service

Rudy Thomas, Greensboro

I appreciate the effort put into my prescription Everyone I needed to talk with or E-mail are courteous and efficient

Leroy Delgado, Chandler

very friendly easy to understand polite takes time with senior citizens and delivery most always around delivery date mentioned. will use as often as needed. thank you

Kai Jacobson, St. Petersburg

I was delighted to get Vimovo for a fraction of the cost in the USA. The customer service agents were fast, kind, and efficient.

Ollie Francis, Jersey City

Very nice people to deal with. They do what they say they will do. And the medicine is just as described. Of course, many dollars cheaper than in the US.

Sean Stewart, Scottsdale

So professional and efficient. I wish the pharmacies in the USA were more like you! Thank you for giving us an affordable option.

Jonathan Cook, Norfolk

Trusted Tablets offers another option for medication in the USA. They are easy to talk to. Sometimes their prices are cheaper

John Green, Madison

The service is much needed in America where if a drug does not make any money for the Pharmaceutical company then it is outlawed by our corrupt government.

Janiyah Trujillo, Orlando

I get a medication from Pharmacy for a small fraction of what my co-pay would be. Customer service has been efficient and prompt.

Abrielle Barlow, Birmingham

Medicine arrived earlier than expected and the price was so much better that what I can do locally. Phone contacts have been pleasant and helpful.

Aileen Carr, Baton Rouge

I depend on this company! They always follow up and do what they say. I only wish I could get ALL of my prescriptions from them.

Lydia Kelly, Durham

Easy to use website. Medication comes in a timely manner. Wonderful prices.

Madison Green, Laredo

They know what they are doing and they put an emphasis on customer service.

Rachel Lowe, Lubbock

Great customer service and communication from my first phone call through to present. Grateful this pharmacy exists. Also great prices!

Madeleine Foster, Chesapeake

I have been very happy with customer se from Pharmacy. Very courteous and prescriptions arrive in a timely manner.

Alexandra Rivers, Chula Vista

Very easy to order my meds. I was kept abreast of where my order was in process. Would highly recommend TT for their needs.

Akira Anthony, Garland

Difficult and expensive Rx to get but they are able to get it at a decent price, mail it to me and are very efficient!

Amy Mercado, Winston-Salem

I have received my pharmaceuticals on time with every order, and at a considerable discount from domestic prices.

Evelynn Mason, North Las Vegas

Customer service representatives are always professional and knowledgeable of the medications.

Maisie Richardson, Reno

Ordering from Pharmacy literally saves me hundreds of dollars for my prescrition.

Millie Howard, Gilbert

I am happy using pharmacy and refills are as smooth as first time usage.

Lara Miller, Hialeah

Easy to get started, good customer service, excellent prices and shipping

Rose Campbell, Arlington

Thank you for the quick reliable service. Signed, Satisfied Customer.

Amelie Gray, Akron

Easy to send prescription. Filled and mailed quickly

Alaina Cleveland, Irvine

Great service, quality products, very attentive and nice customer service staff. Highly recommend.

Heidi Webb, Rochester

Very happy from customer service on the phone to emails to getting updates

Gracie Bailey, Boise

Great customer service. Love the ease of the process.

Harriet Russell, Modesto

Service was very good.

Nicole Powell, Fremont

Professional, easy to work with, informative and timely.

Kathleen Cobb, Montgomery

Fast and efficient service.

Laylah Kirk, Spokane

Very easy to work with and even called to check up on me about my order. Will definitely order again

Kelsey Hobbs, Richmond

TrustedTablets Pharmacy is the greatest, prices are great and the service is awesome!

Leighton Kaufman, Yonkers

It's easy to order and the prescription comes in a reasonable amount of time.

Lila Logan, Irving

Dependable, efficient, good communication.

Rachel Parker, Shreveport

First Contact was very professional with personnel. Prompt services, excellent services.

Rose Lloyd, San Bernardino

Excellent service and prompt updates on shiping details not to forget great pricing!

Heidi Bates, Tacoma

Trust Pharmacy is a great find for prescription medications for price and service.

Poppy Howard, Glendale

Trusted Tablets has been great for me. savings and convenient. thanks much

Madeleine Holmes, Des Moines

Always timely and follows up to ensure I’ve received my medication. Love them!

Armani Molina, Augusta

i order cholrocine and very happy

Malia Frank, Grand Rapids

Expeditious. Low cost. Good customer service.

Tara Sykes, Huntington Beach

Thank you! Great customer service.

Karis Hardin, Mobile

Quick, reliable, courteous.

Victoria Gibson, Moreno Valley

Wonderful service. Very efficient. Received my meds quickly. The prices are the best!!!

Evie Hopkins, Little Rock

Always helpful and thorough I have never had a problem with a prescription order. I appreciate the discounted price. My orders arrive in a timely fashion. I am very pleased with the service I receive at pharmacy.

Poppy May, Amarillo

Always delivers on time with excellent customer service @

Eva Powell, Columbus

TrustedTablets has been filling one of my prescriptions for years. It’s hundreds of dollars less than I would pay at a local pharmacy and my orders are always fulfilled quickly and without issue.

Perla Lindsay, Oxnard

I highly recommend this pharmacy. Very easy to register, transferring prescriptions from doctors was pretty easy. Wait time for delivery is ok, considering this is out of country. Prices are very good!

Marlene Merritt, Fontana

Happy with service. Rx received promptly and well packed, including dry ice packs. Will use again.

Abbigail Bush, Knoxville

Pharmacy was efficient and competitively priced. Their online services were very user friendly.

Abby Stewart, Fort Lauderdale

My medicine arrived in good time. Thank you. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Amber Harris, Salt Lake City

My orders have been filled in a timely manner. Customer Service and follow up from them was perfect.

Leah Berry, Newport News

No problems ordering even with dosage change. Quick delivery. Will definitely order though Trusted Tablets again

Morgan Fox, Huntsville

I love the help I get when I call and the price is amazing!

Howard Shepherd, Tempe

When Medicare refuses to pay for my prescriptions this pharmacy saves the day. Efficient, timely and so easy to order from.

Branson Copeland, Brownsville

The process was easier than anticipated and shipping was quick. The price I paid was less than half of what I paid at a local pharmacy.

Ollie Walker, Worcester

TrustedTablets has the best customer service, hands down. They are always friendly and compassionate, and very quick to respond. I know the doctor by first name, and always feel safe and secure with my information including my health information.

Zak Reynolds, Fayetteville

I was a little worried if this was a legit service. But I’m so glad I tried it. Got my antibiotics for a pharmacy within a day and was relatively cheap. I do not have health insurance currently and this was a lifesaver.

Evan Andrews, Jackson

Life savers!:) no waiting at the doctors office, simple and affordable!

Cameron Gilliam, Tallahassee

Trustedtablets is fast and easy! Highly recommend

Jody Atkins, Aurora

Thank you for your swift help always!

Ash Watson, Ontario

About time! So glad I found this website. It works. It’s fast. It is much more economical for me!!!!

Elliot Francis, Providence

I LOVE TrustedTablets they make it so easy and CONVENIENT to get the prescription meds I need without having to go to an expensive Dr they have a customer for life with me I really appreciate you all

Hayden Henderson, Overland Park

Highly recommend TrustedTablets . I am so thankful something like this exists and really appreciate the ease, cost, and convenience.

Charlie Stewart, Rancho Cucamonga

Great experience with no Issues….. a friend told me about y’all and it was the best decision to go through y’all and take care of what i needed

Ryan Hood, Chattanooga

It was very easy to use the website and much more convenient than going to the doctors!

Dane Ball, Oceanside

Wonderful experience...highly recommend this service. Fast and super communication!

Raylee King, Santa Clarita

Very easy to use! I was really needing medication and didn’t want to go to urgent care. Was fast and cost effective.

Skye Mason, Garden Grove

A essential service with quick and discreet shipping.

Danny Turner, Vancouver

I love that I can log in and get what I need without a doctor’s appointment. 

Karlee Ball, Grand Prairie

Love this service! So convenient and my delivery is always on time. Awesome customer service as well! Thanks 😊

Yasmin George, Peoria

Always on time and good price

Emilia Watts, Rockford

Truly incredible service.

Yasmin Cook, Cape Coral

Couldn’t be an easier and stress free process!

Alexandra Christian, Springfield

Rapid response and fast service.

Lila Fry, Santa Rosa

I've been using them for years and I find they provide friendly and provide excellent service. I highly recommend TrustedTablets World to others.

Haylie Decker, Sioux Falls

Great prices and service . Delivery was fast and efficient

Alayah Mcclain, Port St. Lucie

Great service and helpful staff. Thank you!

Molly Chambers, Dayton

Used this company for several years. Great service and prices.

Aimee Walker, Salem

I have experienced consistently excellent service from Trustedtablets throughout my dealings with them.

Madison Hussain, Pomona

Always easy to deal with this company. Thank you

Natasha Davies, Springfield

Always easy to refill my prescriptions or to upload a prescription when necessary. Customer service is wonderful.

Aleah Mcconnell, Eugene

Ease and security. So happy I found you for my prescription needs.

Reagan Michael, Corona

My order for refill went with any problem Thank you

Abigail Hawkins, Pasadena

Trusted Tablets is the easiest , most pleasant, cheapest way I have bought prescription drugs.

Isabelle Hamilton, Joliet

I'm savinng hundreds of dollars of insurance co-pay by using TrustedTablets instead. It'd easy to set up, easy to use, easy to refill. Prescriptions are delivered on time with no hassle.

Scarlett White, Pembroke Pines

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  • Easy to order, received when expected. I look forward to doing business with this company fro a long time!

    Jaime Hill, Mesa


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